Uintah County should allow County businesses and families to thrive without
the burdensome hand of government getting in the way. Workers succeed
when businesses have access to the capital they need, and capital becomes
more readily available when government is not over-regulating or spending
beyond its means.

Throughout our county’s history, we have proven we have an innovative and
entrepreneurial spirit to not only our own lives but the lives of our
neighbors, local communities, and the world at large. I believe Americans, not
government, have built businesses, employed workers, supported families,
and provided the ideas to improve the lives of each generation.

The County can appropriately help support the continuation of these
successes by removing unnecessary regulations, increasing access to outside
markets through better transportation ideas (Railroad, Pipelines, etc.), making
the basin more competitive, protecting the integrity of the dollar, protecting our
workers, and reducing taxes on businesses and individuals.