I believe in Uintah County we need to seek to grow our tourism and outdoor recreation economy. As the Vernal Downtown Revitalization Planning Project develops, I believe we can do great things in neighborhoods while promoting outdoor recreation to foster community revitalization, create jobs, support economic growth, diversification and give people the opportunity to connect with the natural world.

We need to ensure residents, including young people, have connection to opportunities related to nearby outdoor assets to foster community pride, good stewardship, and local economic benefits. We need to continue to develop and expand urban trail networks so we can attract overnight visitors and new businesses and foster use by residents. 

I believe we can use the Vernal Downtown Revitalization Project as a gateway to nearby natural lands to capture an amplify outdoor recreation dollars. Uintah County has some of the most beautiful scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities anywhere in the world. If we can develop new trails, enhance older trails and venues, advertise and market these places, I believe that we can substantially grow the tourism economy in Uintah County.