Water is one of the most valuable resources we have in our county, we must ensure
protection of that resource from others wanting to take advantage of it.

In the 2021 Utah State legislative session Utah enacted the Colorado River’s Act,
one part of the legislation gives the Uintah and Duchesne Water Conservancy
Districts a representative on the newly created board, with that it gives a voice in
protecting our water resources here in the county and state, and to help protect
those resources from other states taking them, I have been regularly attending most
of the meetings for the Uintah Water Conservancy district for some time now to
gain a better understanding of how the lower states on the Colorado River are
attempting to take away the water rights that we have here in Uintah County.

As most here in the county know most of the canals in our County are being piped
and metered to reduce seepage and evaporation loss, and better manage the water
we have, I know this is not popular with some in the county, but please try to
understand it is necessary for us in trying to protect the water resources that we
have, here is a link to an article written about the condition of Lake Powell and
how they are taking our water from Flaming Gorge and using it in the lower
Colorado River States (more info here). By taking every precaution and doing all we can to conserve and wisely use our water resources we will enhance our ability to protect them from being taken away by lower Colorado River States,

There is a huge push right now at the state level as well as local levels to
implement Water Banks into use so that the local entities can sell any excess water
they may have each year and still continue to keep their water rights, I’m a huge
proponent of this, but it must be implemented correctly or it could back fire on us.
I will take every effort and use my experience and knowledge of this to protect our
water in Uintah County.

I have served and currently serve on the boards for the Ashley Central Irrigation
Company, Ashley Water Users Association, and the Greendale Water Company so
I understand the importance of conserving and protecting our water rights, and will continue to fight to protect them.